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In The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, the sail is an important item that allows Link to navigate the vast seas of the game world. It is essential for reaching distant islands and uncovering hidden treasures.

If you’re wondering where to find the sail, look no further! In this guide, we’ll explore the various locations where you can obtain this crucial item.

Location 1: Beedle’s Shop

One of the earliest places where you can find the sail is at Beedle’s Shop in Skyloft. Beedle is a friendly merchant who operates a floating shop on a large beetle-shaped balloon. Inside his shop, you’ll find a variety of useful items, including the sail.

To purchase the sail from Beedle, simply approach him and interact with him. A dialog box will appear, presenting you with various items for sale.

Look for the sail in his inventory and select it to make the purchase. Once you’ve acquired it, Link will be ready to explore the open seas!

Location 2: The Pirate Stronghold

If you prefer a more thrilling adventure to obtain the sail, head over to The Pirate Stronghold located on one of the islands in search of treasure and excitement. This location can be found in your map by looking for an island with skull-shaped rocks surrounding it.

Inside The Pirate Stronghold, you’ll encounter a group of pirates guarding their loot. Defeat them using your sword skills and navigate through various obstacles until you reach their treasure room.

Among their spoils lies the coveted sail! Grab it and make your way back to your trusty Loftwing.


  • Make sure to stock up on potions and prepare yourself before attempting to infiltrate The Pirate Stronghold. The pirates can be tough opponents!
  • Don’t forget to search the treasure room thoroughly, as there might be other valuable items you can find.

Location 3: The Sandship

If you’re looking for a more challenging and unique way to acquire the sail, make your way to The Sandship. This massive ship, buried in the desert, holds many secrets and treasures.

Navigate through the various rooms of The Sandship, solving puzzles and defeating enemies along the way. Eventually, you’ll come across a room with a large chest. Open it to reveal the sail!


  • Be prepared for tough battles in The Sandship. Make sure you have upgraded your weapons and stocked up on recovery items.
  • Keep an eye out for hidden switches and levers that can reveal new paths or unlock doors.

With the sail in your possession, you’re now ready to embark on epic adventures across the vast ocean of Skyward Sword. Remember to use your newfound navigational abilities to discover new islands, uncover secrets, and progress through the game’s captivating story.

Enjoy your journey!

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Where Is the Sail in Skyward Sword? - Trickyfish (2024)


Where is the windmill propeller? ›

Location and Uses

By using the Dowsing ability, Link can find the propeller near the Earth Temple entrance and call Scrapper. Once the propeller is brought to Skyloft, Jakamar will reattach it to the windmill and make it operational again.

Where is the ship in the sand sea? ›

To find the Sandship you need to travel to the northeast area of the Sand Sea and flip on your Dowsing ability. You can Dowse from the boat and pilot it while you point the cursor. When you Dowse you will find a moving, invisible mass, floating in a wide circle around the rocks in a ring here.

How to fix the broken windmill Skyward Sword? ›

Inside the Bazaar, speak to Gondo and the robot behind his counter. It can be repaired, but it requires an Ancient Flower, which you can find in past sections of the Lanayru Desert.

Where is the missing propeller in Skyward Sword? ›

Travel to the Volcano and land at the Temple Entrance Bird Statue. The Propeller is just to the west of the door. It's down a sandy hill by the fallen watch tower.

How do I choose a windmill location? ›

What Factors Are Considered When Choosing a Wind Farm Location?
  1. Maps Identify Windy Areas. ...
  2. Wind Energy Ordinances and Permitting Regulate Wind Energy Projects. ...
  3. Observation Helps Developers Minimize Wildlife Interactions. ...
  4. The Public and Local Communities Provide Input.

Where is the Sand Sea in Skyward Sword? ›

The Lanayru Sand Sea is a location in Skyward Sword. It is a sea of sand located in the Lanayru Province. Link comes here to find Nayru's Flame, which is located aboard the Sandship. This Sandship belonged to Skipper and his crew of Ancient Robots, but was usurped by Ghirahim's forces and turned invisible.

How to beat robot pirate Skyward Sword? ›

To defeat Screvo, you need to knock the robot pirate backwards with your sword, until he reaches the end of the gangplank. The gangplank will get shortened as the battle progresses.

How do I find a ship's location at sea? ›

Websites such as CruiseMapper, Marine Vessel, Cruising Earth and ShipCruises offer live ship location tracking, speed, position, itinerary information and even the weather conditions of the ship's route.

How to get the fun wheel Skyward Sword? ›

Your Dowsing ability can help track down the Party Wheel. It can be found in Lanayru Desert, near the southernmost Bird Statue, called "Desert Entrance". From here, hit the Timeshift Stone and climb the vines that appear. Work your way east by hanging from the wall and you'll find the Wheel in the sand.

What to do after defeating the imprisoned Skyward Sword? ›

Once The Imprisoned has been resealed, you need to return to the Sealed Temple and, after exploring the past, it's time to return to Skyloft, so you can fight Bilocyte. Our Skyward Sword walkthrough will help you find every Heart Piece and Empty Bottle.

Where is Levias in Skyward Sword? ›

With the vat of Hot Pumpkin Soup in hand (sort of), leap into the air and head for the ostentatious Rainbow Island in the Thunderhead. Hint: It's the island with the rainbow over it. After landing on the island, Levias will appear, and he is clearly not in the singing mood. Take to the air.

Who is the repair guy in Skyward Sword? ›

His name is Gondo, and he is a big-hearted craftsman. He runs a business repairing broken equipment, and he lives with his elderly mother, Greba. Master, you are permitted to use the repaired robot at your discretion.

Why does my bird keep stopping Skyward Sword? ›

You have to wave the WiiMote+ up and down rather fast to get him flapping up again. Shake the Wii remote, your bird just lost all its speed or you tried to ascend without flapping and stalled.

Why can't I open chests in Skyward Sword? ›

A Goddess's Treasure Chest cannot be opened until its corresponding Goddess Cube has been struck with a Skyward Strike. Upon doing so, the Goddess Cube will send a beam of light to the Sky, indicating that its Goddess's Treasure Chest has been activated.

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First, we need a propeller and a motor. We get them from Geminik Shrine northeast of Tarrytown. by attaching them to weapons or Shields.

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