Week 22 The Beginning of Wisdom by Lockeland 365 (2024)

Week 22 The Beginning of WisdomIn this episode, Coby and Alec walk introduce us to the book of wisdom: Proverbs. This book is far more than a collection of catchy and helpful sayings, as it helps teach us how wisdom permeates all of creation and everything within it. For those of you struggling to discern a holy and right way to live, Proverbs is a helpful and practical place to start. As always, if you have any questions submit them below!Podcast QuestionsMay 27, 202449:60Week 21 Kings, Wisdom, and Love PoetryIn this episode, Coby and Kiefer transition us away from King David into a new era of Israel's history. We also begin to explore what is perhaps a confusing and seemingly out of place text, the Song of Songs. This book, full of ancient love poetry, challenges us to reflect on and celebrate the gift of love and romance. Though it can be confusing, it is rich and beautiful in its depiction of pure and unselfish love. Submit any questions you have at the link below!Podcast QuestionsMay 20, 202401:40:24Week 20 The End of King DavidIn this episode, Coby and Alec walk through the final chapters of King David's life. They are filled with reflection, songs, and praise for who God is and what he's done over the course of David's life. The end of this story is compelling in many ways, primarily in how the author composes the final acts of this complicated figure. As you read, please submit questions to the link below!Podcast QuestionsMay 14, 202401:09:13Week 19 The Aftermath of David's SinIn this episode, Charley and Alec walk through the fallout of David's sin with Bathsheba. This portion of scripture shows us that while the eternal consequences of sin have been dealt with in Christ, the earthly consequences have not. Sin is both real and serious, and David wrestles through as his own failure effects those closest to him in horrible ways. As always, feel free to submit your questions at the link below and we will try and talk through them!Podcast QuestionsMay 06, 202401:32:10April Interview: Get to Know Sarah CaskeyIn this episode, Charley and Alec interview Lockeland member Sarah Caskey. Sarah has been involved in our church family for several years, even serving on staff as the Administrative Assistant. She is passionate about Jesus, her church, and lots of other things. Get to know her in this month's interview!May 05, 202436:32Week 18 The Fall of a Great KingIn this episode, Charley and Alec walk through the lowest point in King David's reign. David is known as Israel's greatest king, and accomplished many great things for Israel. However, he also serves as a great reminder that Israel, and all of us, don't just need any king. We need a good king. A king who will sit and reign from his throne forever. David points us to our need for king Jesus. Podcast QuestionsApr 29, 202401:22:31Week 17 A King After God's Own HeartIn this episode, Charley and Alec examine the early stages of David's reign as well as a few significant Psalms. David is often viewed as the greatest king Israel had, and his reign is filled with both highs and lows. As we progress through his story, it will be important to look for the potential traps David finds himself in as he seeks to lead God's people better than his predecessor. Submit questions at the link below!Podcast QuestionsApr 22, 202401:22:36Week 16 Making "Sense" of Israel's KingsIn this episode, Charley and Alec take a brief look at the beginning of 2 Samuel. As David steps into power, things begin to look drastically different than they have before. However, this also begins a difficult portion of reading for us who are so far removed from this point in history. This episode serves as an overview of the next few books, trying to make sense of what feels like a foreign and insignificant portion of Scripture. Though it can be confusing, it is worth working to understand how the biblical authors viewed this point in their history. Apr 15, 202456:58Week 15 A New King Rises: End of 1 SamuelIn this episode, Alec and guest host Coby Neal look at the last few chapters of 1 Samuel. As Saul's reign ends, his time is filled with desperate searches for answers and control. In contrast, David is presented as patiently waiting to receive what God has promised, though even he struggles at times. As we begin an era of a new king, the text gives reason to hope this king will be a major part of bringing redemption forward. As always, if you have questions you can submit them at the link below. Podcast QuestionsApr 08, 202452:56March Interview: Get to Know Coby NealIn this episode, Charley and Alec sit down with Coby Neal. Coby and his wife, Bailey, along with their two children, have been a part of our church for the last several years. Most recently Coby and his family returned from serving overseas in the UK for the last two years. His insight is deep and wide, and his love for Jesus is pure. Take some time to get to know him! You will most definitely enjoy it. Apr 04, 202448:58Weel 14 1 Samuel: The Rise and Fall of Israel's First KingsIn this episode, Charley and Alec walk through the beginning of the book of 1 Samuel. As Israel has settled into the land, their need for leadership is clear. However, Israel struggles to trust God as their king and demands a human ruler like all the nations. The consequences of this action are ones that will shape the nation for generations to come, and ultimately point us toward the need for not just any king, but a good king. Apr 01, 202451:57Week 13 Judges: A Cycle of Sin and RedemptionIn this episode, Charley and Alec walk through the book of Judges. Our story has taken many turns over the last few weeks, and that pattern continues as Israel struggles to live well within the land God has given them. However, we once again see God's radical commitment to his people and a willingness to show quick and undeserved mercy. Mar 25, 202401:21:12Week 12 Joshua: The Weight of PromiseIn this episode, Charley and Alec work through the book of Joshua. Now that Moses has passed on, Joshua has inherited the burden of leading the people of Israel into the promised land. This book is full of challenging, frustrating, and confusing realities and ideas. And yet, God's mercy and faithfulness shine through the midst of the difficulty as he once again shows his commitment to his covenant. Mar 18, 202401:18:45Week 11 Deuteronomy: Part 2In this episode, Charley and Alec wrap up the book of Deuteronomy by looking at some specific examples Moses reiterates to the people as they prepare to enter the Promised Land. As believers looking to Jesus, many of the things we see in Deuteronomy we see fulfilled and magnified by Jesus himself. As you read and listen this week, look for Jesus in the text! And as always, if you have questions, feel free to submit them through the link below. Podcast QuestionsMar 11, 202401:10:02February Interview: Get to Know Tom DooleyTom Dooley has been a faithful member and servant of The Church at Lockeland Springs for several years. He has served as a deacon, small group leader, and much more. Tom's heart for Scripture and for others to know Christ is an incredible example of what it looks like to follow Jesus faithfully. His testimony is both encouraging and glorifying to God's faithfulness. Take some time to get to know him and his story!Mar 07, 202434:58Week 10 Deuteronomy: Part 1In this episode, Charley and Alec begin to walk through the book of Deuteronomy. As the people begin to prepare to enter the promised land, Moses reminds them of their need for both God and his word to thrive in the land. Though ancient law is at times difficult to read through, it presents us with the opportunity to walk in the wisdom God has set before his people from the beginning. Part 1 of our time through this book will look at chapters 1-15. Mar 04, 202401:13:49Week 9 Numbers: In the Wilderness In this episode, Charley and Alec walk through the book of Numbers. Called "In the Wilderness" in the Hebrew tradition, this book details Israel's up-and-down journey from Mt. Sinai toward the Promised Land. Most of us have walked through 'wilderness' seasons in our lives and felt the weight these seasons bring about. Numbers offers us hope that even though we might feel lost in a dry and barren land, God's presence and promises are enough to bring life out of what feels like death. Feb 26, 202401:09:22Week 8 Leviticus: The Offerings of a Holy NationIn this episode, Charley and Alec walk through the unique, yet powerful, book of Leviticus. Though this book can often times feel arcane or insignificant, the book presents the seeds for what will eventually blossom into the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As readers, it is our responsibility to search Leviticus for the blessing it has for our faith today, as well as the ways it inspires us to worship Jesus at new and deeper levels. Podcast QuestionsFeb 19, 202401:17:17Week 7 God's Holy People: Sinai, Tabernacle, and LeviticusIn this episode, Charley and Alec walk through God's law given at Mount Sinai, the purpose and beauty of the Tabernacle, and what it means that God's presence dwells amongst his people. They also overview the book of Leviticus, beginning to draw out the beauty, and difficulty, of what it means for God's people to be worshippers through sacrifice. If you have questions as you read, please feel free to submit them through the link below. Podcast QuestionsFeb 12, 202401:19:55Week 6 God's Salvation: Plagues, Passover, and the LawIn this episode, Charley and Alec continue looking at the book of Exodus, particularly the plagues and the institution of Passover. Israel's redemption from Egypt is an event of worldwide and historical importance. In it, we see God's heart for his people, commitment to justice, and the establishment of a new identity as the people of God. Feb 05, 202401:00:29January Interview: Get to Know Nicole HannahIn this part of a monthly interview, Charley and Alec sit down with Nicole Hannah. Nicole is married to David Hannah, the lead pastor at the Church at Lockeland Springs. She has been a part of Lockeland from the beginning and has been serving the church faithfully in many ways over the years. Nicole loves Jesus, Scripture, people, and all the ways in which they blend together. Let's get to know her!Jan 31, 202454:23Week 5 Exodus: The Redemption of God's PeopleIn this episode, Charley and Alec overview the book of Exodus, with a deeper look at chapters 1-4. Exodus is a major building block of Scripture and drastically shapes the storyline moving forward in both beautiful and challenging ways. The God of the Bible a redeeming God, and Exodus gives us a beautiful picture of who he and what he's done. Podcast QuestionsJan 29, 202401:04:09Week 4 Faithful Suffering: An Overview of JobIn this episode, Alec and guest Miller overview the book of Job. Job is a book which challenges our notion of suffering, justice, and God's rule in the midst of what feels like chaos. However, it presents a God who is active and involved in sustaining the world, and one we can hope in based on the goodness of his character. Jan 22, 202401:03:44Week 3 Wrestling with God: Jacob to JosephIn this episode, Charley and Alec walk through the remainder of Genesis, looking at chapters 30-50. These chapters give us a unique look at what relationship with God is like, as well as the depths at which God is involved in our day-to-day lives. Included below is a brief outline of the discussion, as well as a link to submit questions for future episodes. - Jacob Wrestles with God- Joseph's Hardship- The End of Genesis, and Beginning of Israel- Questions From Our ListenersJan 15, 202401:08:23Week 2 New Beginnings: Abraham and God's FaithfulnessIn this episode, Charley and Alec walk through Genesis 12-29. Scripture presents God as a God of covenant, and these chapters are the beginnings of his covenants with his people to redeem them in love. Included below is a brief outline of the discussion, as well as some resources which can be used for further study. - Abraham's Call- God's Covenant- Abraham's Great Sacrifice- Jacob's Place in God's StoryResources: - The Bible Project: Article, "The Bible and Romance", "Covenants"- Podcast Questions FormJan 08, 202401:06:32Week 1: In the BeginningIn this episode, Charley and Alec overview the book of Genesis and the first week's reading. Genesis serves as a major building block for the whole of Scripture, and recognizing its initial message is crucial in understanding the narrative's trajectory. Included below is a brief outline of what is discussed, as well as some resources which can be used for further study. - Overview of Genesis- Creation- Humanity's New Trajectory - New Beginnings and the Scattering at Babel Resources: The Bible Project: Genesis 1-11 Overview , Genesis OverviewBook: "The Bible from 30,000 Feet" by Skip HeitzigPodcast Questions FormJan 01, 202401:06:43What is Lockeland 365? Introducing Lockeland 365, hosted by Alec Beard and Charley Woods. In this first epidsode, Alec and Charley lay out the hopes and vision for these conversations as we navigate the waters of Scripture. They also will take the opportunity to walk through some of the questions received over the last few weeks. As you listen this season, please submit questions you want Alec and Charley to walk through at the link below! And as always, to Jesus be the glory. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdWB8PdFkQdk04D7oSyC4UDCiGJSVLw4-NNcWo3RU3YjGDF1A/viewform?usp=sf_linkDec 22, 202332:45
Week 22 The Beginning of Wisdom by Lockeland 365 (2024)


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