ASA Playstation Patch Notes: Client v48.23 - Server: v47.2 (Updated: 07/09/2024) (2024)

Current ARK Official Server Network Servers Version: v47.2

v48.23 (PS5 Minor Client) - 07/09/2024

  • Added additional security around EOS protocols

v47.2 (47.1 all Clients) - 06/17/2024 - Major version for servers and clients

  • Gigantoraptor dossier has been added in-game, and is now awarded on tame
  • Toggling Tek Teleporter from Public/Private will now output to the tribe log
  • Fixed an issue that caused the player to rubberband when running across Train cars
  • Fixed some unintended building locations on The Center such as in the boss arena
  • Fixed multiple map holes on The Center, The Island, and Scorched Earth
  • Fixed floating foliage on The Island and Scorched Earth
  • Fixed some missing water volumes on The Center
  • Fixed world border missing sea floor on The Center
  • Fixed being unable to start the boss encounter from transmitter on The Center
  • Fixed the quick ping not working
  • Fixed mounted turrets not firing after being in stasis on a server
  • Fixed Cellar doors not providing the house buff when closed
  • Fixed the loading screen becoming stretched on non 16:9 resolutions
  • Fixed several safe spot locations on The Island's Megapithecus boss arena
  • Fixed a location where the Overseer's Tek cave would de-render on the client
  • Fixed "3 items unsupported" message when trying to download an uploaded character on a server that does not allow item downloads
  • Speculative fix for player characters sometimes facing the incorrect direction when mounted on saddles
  • Fixed several client crashes
  • Fixed several server crashes
  • Fixed an exploit/hack that allowed players to launch themselves into the air using a ladder
  • Fixed an exploit/hack that allowed players to move faster than intended when riding a dino
  • Fixed an exploit/hack that allowed players to place c4 on their character

v46.4 - 06/12/2024 - Minor version for servers

  • Fixed an exploit that caused players to disconnect.
  • Fixed server crashes related to Shastasaurus.
  • Fixed a rare server crash that could occur in the player jump logic.

v46.3 (46.2 all Clients) - 06/11/2024 - Major version for servers and clients

  • Fixed an issue with Chibi Onyx that was requiring DLC to equip.
  • Fixed session list filtering if you have The Center selected from a saved setting.
  • The Center: Fixed some grass differences on other platforms and performance issues.
  • The Center: Foliage polish.
  • The Center: Fixed multiple mesh holes.
  • Improved performance of Shastasaurus with a saddle.
  • Morellatops can now fit through an open gate.
  • Ceratosaurus no longer knocks themselves back when attacking another Ceratosaurus.

v45.21 - 06/07/2024 - Minor version for servers

  • Fixed being able to mount the Pyromane in its kitten form
  • Added minimum food requirement of 10 to the Pyromane to fuel structures using its fire source ability to prevent it starving/hurting itself
  • Scaled Pyromane's fire dash damage by 0.25 of melee damage, to prevent higher level melee always outperforming dash special ability
  • Fixed Pyromane being able to attack while resting
  • Fixed Wild Pyromanes spawning Fire Trail when fleeing if doused
  • Fixed the world-border ceiling and walls being buildable on The Center
  • Added a new server config that enables the deletion of unintentional tamed creatures and prevents them from being deployed from cryopods
  • Unofficial servers can use this by adding "ForceExploitedTameDeletion=true" to GameUserSetting.ini
  • Added a new server argument that enables a selection of Pride themed colours to appear on wild dinos
  • Unofficial severs can use this by adding the arg "-PrideColors" to the server commandline
  • Fixed a server crash

v39.32 - 04/23/2024 - Minor version server

  • Fixed losing your items when ascending on Scorched Earth.
  • Fixed an Exploit.

v36.8 (36.4 Playstaiton client) - 03/11/2024 - Major version for servers and Playstation clients

Patch Notes

  • Improved character model pipeline for armors, weapons, and animations. Removed redundant assets and smoothened out the process for creating and implementing new assets.
  • Upgraded Scissors to allow players to update their appearance using similar UI as initial character creation. See this thread for more information:
  • Love Ascended : Migrated needed assets into the base game so the mod can be disabled.
  • Fixed some server crashes
  • Fixed some exploits

Map Fixes

  • Fixed large number of holes in the map
  • Fixed some misaligned landscape objects either floating or inside objects
  • Fixed Swamp Cave lootdrop floating above terrain
  • Fixed multiple map issues in Overworld
  • Fixed Under Water Cave west lighting and artifacts on cave walls
  • Fixed an issue with Caverns of Lost Hope shadow flickering
  • Updated Redwood Waterfall color to match river color
  • Fixed some Tek cave streaming issues
  • Fixed skylight override blending issue at tek volcanic cavern entrance
  • Fixed bounds issue on under water east cave

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Pteranodon Saddle clipping issue
  • Fixed Araneo poking through the saddle
  • Fixed "crease" lines in Character pixel painting
  • Character will now play correct animations when going unconscious or dying in water
  • Fixed dinos not conforming to the ground correctly while in torpor. (Sarco / Titanoboa)
  • Fixed bad texture in dragon arena
  • Fixed an issue in Caverns of Lost Faith where the water dripping from ceiling also showed while you are under water
  • Fixed an issue where player character Male/Females knees appear to bend/jolt forward slightly after standing up
  • Fixed an issue where the view info for Tribe option is displaying an empty engram page, rather than tribe info
  • Extended the tree platform pickup timer
  • You can no longer pick up the bed while it's on cooldown.
  • Fixed an issue where picking up a water tank snapped above another tank will pick up both
  • Fixed an incorrect HUD display on some structures
  • Can no longer replace normal doors with secret doors
  • Fixed an issue where secret door opened too far
  • Fixed issue where supply crate beam is occasionally segmented after the crate lands and stays like this for a while
  • Fixed lava splash VFX elements floating above the Volcanic Cavern Lava River surface
  • Improved Otter LODs on lower settings
  • Updated Icons Stone Doorway, Stone Hatchframe, Stone Reinforced Gate, Auto Turret, Heavy Auto Turret
  • Fixed some flying trees
  • Improved foliage behaviour in strong wind scenarios
  • Fixed an issue where Brood mother arena lighting would blink on and off as player moves
  • Fixed Female animation when aiming with bows
  • Fixed TPV animation on Longneck Rifle
  • Fixed some weapon 3D scaling issues
  • Fixed an issue where Co-ords from the overlay map or the interactable UI window are not identical
  • Fixed issues with flyers passing through mesh
  • Fixed an issue where Bola status was not being properly conveyed to players
  • Fixed issues where you cannot handcuff other players
  • Fixed occasions where crafting items with the Replicator and wireless crafting can cause the server to run bad
  • Fixed Dragon boss incorrectly receiving the Alpha dino damage reduction buff

v35.6server (35.4Playstation client) - 02/26/2024 - Major version for servers and clients

Love Ascended Mod Removal

  • Servers will need to use the launch parameter that we added previously when you disable Love Ascended to prevent losing event cosmetics/items.
  • As an interim solution (before integrating mod elements into the core game), we have added a "-passivemods=[ModID],[ModID]" command line option. This option will disable a mod's functionality, while still loading its data, serving as a temporary measure until a permanent solution is implemented. The passivemod command line should be used in conjunction with "-mods=[ModID],[ModID]", where the passivemod's ID is listed first.
    • Example using Love Ascended: -mods=927084,ModID,ModID -passivemods=927084

Patch Notes

  • Added a new Cosmetics UI, accessible via a button inside the inventory screen
  • Optimizations to tamed creature eating. Creatures will now scale how often they look for food in troughs based on how hungry they are, up to a maximum of 10 minutes.
  • Updated various item icons
  • Fixed various dino saddle clipping issues
  • Fixed various dino texture issues
  • Fixed various dino ground conforming and animation issues
  • Fixed armor durability damage looking darker than intended
  • Fixed an issue with elevator tracks that caused floating structures
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Dragon Boss to get stuck on the outside of its arena walls
  • Fixed the imprint icon displaying as red when imprinting is completed
  • Fixed an issue that caused players to get stuck in the transfer UI
  • Fixed Veggie Cake heal over time not working correctly when digesting buff is active
  • Fixed fishing mini-game prompts displaying gamepad controls if using KBM
  • Fixed Show/Hide Range icons being inverted on Tek Dedicated Storage
  • Fixed Broodmother (Beta) Portal displaying the incorrect level requirement, now correctly displays level 50
  • Fixed Dino Candy causing creatures to display erroneous heart icon next to their stats
  • Fixed Cosmetic Tab not remembering its sorting preset
  • Disabled the use of various console commands used to gain visual advantages (we will continue to monitor and disable more of these as necessary).
  • Fixed some client GPU crashes
  • Fixed multiple exploits

v34.75 server (34.66 Playstation client) - 02/14/2024 - Minor version for servers and clients

  • Babies are now being tracked again
  • Dino Movement improvements
  • We've implemented the auto-character restoration system so that in the event of lost characters the game will try to restore them automatically

v33.11 (server) v33.8 (client) - 12/21/2023 - Major version for servers and clients

Cryopod & Cryofridge Release

  • Cryopod and Cryofridge have been added and are now level 50 unlockable Engrams
  • When a Cryofridge is placed, they take 5 minutes to "activate"
  • Cryopod can only be released within range of an "activated" and powered Cryofridge (range set to 6500 currently)
  • PVP Only: Cryopod can not be released if there are enemies nearby (range set to 3500 currently)
  • Dinos cannot be cryopodded if damaged within 60 seconds
  • Dino's mating cooldown will now tick down correctly within a cryopod
  • Cryofridge storage capacity has been increased to 120 slots
  • Cryopods can now be queued up when crafting them in supply drops and obelisks (previously was one at a time)
  • Cryopodded dinos can be stored and displayed on the Display Case structure
  • Cryopod configurable settings:
    GameUserSettings.ini under [ServerSettings]
    DisableCryopodEnemyCheck=True - will ignore the enemy player/structure/dino checks
    AllowCryoFridgeOnSaddle=True - will allow Cryofridge to be placed on rafts/saddles
    DisableCryopodFridgeRequirement=True - will disable the Cryofridge requirement for releasing cryopodded dinos

Survival of the Fittest Release

  • Survival of the Fittest mod is now available CrossPlatform! Select the SOTF option at the main menu to start playing!
    • ARK: Survival of the Fittest is a Battle Royale mod for ARK: Survival Ascended, pitting up to 60 combatants against each other in a fast-paced, action-packed struggle for survival, where players are ultimately pushed into an epic final showdown leading their Dinosaur Armies into battle. SOTF focuses on large-scale creature-army confrontations, combined with an optional unique Real Time Strategy overlay. By using tactics and strategy to assemble a fighting-force of history’s most powerful primeval creatures, only one tribe will survive!

Winter Wonderland Event Release

  • Winter wonderland is live!

Additional Patch Release Notes

  • Fixed full costume skins looking fully damaged when equipped without a chestpiece
  • Added updated audio for greenhouse structure set
  • Underwater audio can now be adjusted with the SFX slider (was previously Master only)
  • Player characters now hold bows correctly while swimming
  • Fixed being able to imprint baby dinos without requiring or consuming the item asked for
  • Fixed carried dinos sometimes desyncing for other players
  • Fixed incorrect weather displaying when joining a server during a weather event
  • Fixed moon color changing drastically during weather state change
  • Fixed Tek Chest boost not working underwater when overweight
  • Fixed double door placement sometimes being obstructed
  • Fixed behemoth Gate Frame & Door destroyed mesh being oversized
  • Fixed ladders being obstructed when placing them on beams
  • Fixed Tek Replicator, Industrial Forge and Tek Teleporter placement being obstructed inside Underwater Vacuum Compartments
  • Fixed being able to store structures that are not within their pick-up timer by replacing a supporting structure and picking that up, it will now demolish correctly
  • Fixed name not displaying on Display Case structure
  • Fixed character jittery movement that would occur after relogging, and would require respawning to fix
  • Fixed oviraptor's missing icon for Egg Collection
  • Oviraptor now collects aquatic eggs and no physics eggs (Arthro, Scorpion, Spider)
  • Fixed cases where insect eggs would fall through the mesh
  • Fixed multiple cases where the Tribe Rename cooldown was not working correctly
  • Timer for Tribe Rename is now displayed on the UI when on cooldown
  • The command "enablespectator" now requires a true/false bool for destroying the character or not, i.e. "cheat enablespectator 1" will function as before
  • All application icons are updated to the ASA icon
  • Fixed an issue that caused the players to get stuck floating when jumping up on a raft
  • Adjusted Raft collision slightly to make it easier to jump up from the front and back
  • Fixed an issue where entering water while grappled was not putting the character in the swimming state
  • Fixed camera breaking with enabling photo-mode while in a passenger seat
  • Fixed Session List option "Show Player Servers" not checking correctly when selecting the box
  • Fixed Session List option "Show Player Servers" not remembering previous checked/unchecked state
  • Selecting or deselecting Session List option "Show Player Servers" will now refresh the server session list
  • Disabled the use of various console commands used to gain visual advantages (we will continue to monitor and disable more of these as necessary)
  • Fixed multiple server crashes
  • Fixed multiple client crashes

v32.27 (client) - 12/14/2023 - Minor version for clients

  • Added new server listing features
  • Updated how unofficial servers are listed to prevent errors and exploits
    • To see non-commercially (non-Nitrado) hosted Unofficial Servers, please enable the checkbox "Show Player Servers" and refresh the session list
  • Fixed some session listing bugs

v32.16 (client) - 12/10/2023 - Minor version for clients

  • Removed the "save game" button from the Pause menu

v32.12 (server) v32.9 (client) - 12/08/2023 - Major version for servers and clients

Turkey Trial is Live
Event specific recipes are now on the Smithy instead of the Cooking Pot

  • Fixed various issues with Tek Forcefield
  • Fixed being unable to place doors in doorways when build in open Vacuum Compartment
  • Fixed Tek Forcefield fuel consumption rates
  • Fixed an issue causing some dinos attacks to appear jittery on server
  • Fixed unconscious players visually sinking through ceilings and floors
  • Adjusted Wooly Rhino socket that poop and babies spawn outside of the Rhino
  • Fixed death marker not appearing if player died while logged off
  • Prevented boss teleporting aquatic-only dinos with the Tek Transmitter
  • Thylacoleo AI now correctly jumps from trees more consistently
  • Fixed being unable to dismount with E if you have recently been hit with a Crowd Control buff
  • Prevented basilosaurus from generating oil as a baby (or when dead) to make it easier to hand-feed them
  • Battle Tartare now correctly increases Melee Damage
  • Arthropluera no longer get wild levels into Oxygen as it does not use it
  • Fixed some aspects of Tek Chest not working correctly on servers under stress
  • Fixed drop in altitude when hovering while using the Tek Chest
  • Fixed Ichthyornis hunt and retrieve ability sometimes not working
  • Fixed crops grown in crop plots going invisible in Singleplayer after relogging
  • Fixed Industrial Grinder sorting its engrams like they were items
  • Industrial Grinder now uses remote/wireless crafting
  • Turrets now respect the count of turrets in range regardless of tribe
  • Fixed resolution scale setting sometimes not saving
  • Fixed Plant Species X sometimes not growing correctly on rafts when the server restarts
  • Fixed Basilosaurus attacks sometimes not registering server is under stress
  • Fixed sometimes getting pushed underneath the raft when dismounting it
  • Fixed Elevator platforms sometimes sinking under the mesh or structure and getting stuck
  • Fixed several fuel consuming structures to sometimes stop consuming fuel after a server restart
  • Fixed flyer landing jitter
  • Grass should no longer stick through player ceiling structures
  • Fixed short player characters floating when driving rafts
  • Added a better indicator for placing secret doors to avoid building with them accidently
  • Fixed Rhyniognatha picking up enemy creatures on PVE with AllowFlyerCarryPvE=True
  • Fixed Procoptodon getting stuck on babies removed from its pouch
  • Fixed eggs sinking into floors upon server restart
  • Fixed raft sometimes rubberbanding when a dino is in close proximity to the driver
  • Fixed being able to place doors that are clipping into the terrain
  • Fixed color placement for large wall being backwards
  • Allowed placement of walls on the sides of foundations
  • Allowed placement of pillars on fence supports
  • Fixed Therizino and Raptor being unable to harvest small dinos
  • Fixed Tusoteuthis being able to instantly delete players & dinos through the world barrier
  • Fixed a camera issue related to relogging on a bed on a server
  • Using "Transfer All" on a Tek Dedicated Storage now ignores player weight capacity
  • Fixed inconsistency with harvesting tiny creatures
  • Fixed Pelagornis missing its 80% weight reduction to organic polymer
  • Fixed player stamina sometimes draining when riding a dino underwater
  • Fixed teleporting large dinos with Small Tek Teleporter
  • Fixed Tek Teleporter getting an inventory rank from Tribe placement settings
  • Increased Max Water Amount of Industrial Cooking Pot to 10000, so max craftable quantity is now 100
  • Added option to Industrial Cooking Pot and Cooking Pot to set a specific item class to auto craft to when auto crafting is enabled
  • Adjusted the Single Player default Fuel Consumption rates to Easy 0.25 -> 4.0, Medium 0.5 -> 2.0, Hard stays at 1.0
  • Fixed flickering on unconscious players that are based on dinos
  • Fixed unconscious players being teleported into boss fights
  • Fixed quick drag body "G" keybind
  • Fixed the Fishing UI Timer counting down incorrectly
  • Toilet will now require fresh poop to spoil contained raw meat
  • Fixed some resources not stacking when using custom resource stacking
  • Fixed some dinos harvesting inconsistently when server is under stress
  • Fixed Rhyniognatha movement on ceilings
  • Tek and Heavy turrets can now be placed on Rafts/Platform Saddles when OverrideStructurePlatformPrevention is set to true (this is set to False on official)
  • Procoptodon's Drag Weight has been reduced to 180
  • Fixed Tek Gauntlet's coordinates displayed on extended HUD to be correct
  • Fixed Tek Leggings damaging own structures with super run
  • Fixed Carcha not dropping Giga Heart
  • Fixed levels sometimes not loading correctly when relogging inside of a cave
  • Fixed players being able to shoot underwater with Tek Chestpiece with weapons that are usually disabled underwater
  • Fixed Torch placed in the belt not scaring away Troodons
  • Fixed various map issues
  • The current Death Cache icon no longer hides when player goes nearby
  • Fixed mouse sometimes getting stuck with multi-use menu
  • Fixed Wild Tusoteuthis dropping aggro frequently
  • Fixed radial Wheel icons not always lining up with various screen resolutions
  • Adjusted the look of TEK Engrams so they can be more easily read
  • Cellar door HP has been reduced to match other similar size doors
  • Fixed various paint window issues
  • Fixed an issue that could cause dinos to fall into the mesh when transitioning from water to land
  • Rhyniognatha now uses your last set snapping and alignment mode
  • Fixed Rhyniognatha held objects to sometimes visually increase in size
  • Fixed Rhyniognatha not being able to pick up objects if they were placed using snapped placement mode
  • Fixed Rhyniognatha being unable to place object back down in Single Player
  • Fixed object disappearing if picked up by Rhyniognatha and flying out of pick up location
  • Fixed placing floating foundations using a raft
  • Fixed mounted dino jitter/walk forward when equipping a weapon or spyglass
  • Adjusted the default imprint timers in Singleplayer
  • Fixed Kairukus not spawning on one of the Icebergs
  • Tamed dinos correctly no longer award XP or shared XP
  • Reduced the extreme amount of Crystal located in Upper south cave
  • Fixed an issue with the Tek Leggings allowing you to equip a weapon at the same time as the super run
  • Disabled the use of various console commands used to gain visual advantages (we will continue to monitor and disable more of these as necessary)
  • Rhyniognatha's resin armor weakened to 80% incoming damage (from 55%)
  • Rhyniognatha's resin armor (vs Tek) weakened to 65% incoming damage (from 40%)
  • Rhyniognatha's movement speed while carrying reduced by 50%
  • Rhyniognatha's base Health reduced to 900 (from 1400)
  • Rhyniognatha's base Weight reduced to 1100 (from 1200)
ASA Playstation Patch Notes: Client v48.23 - Server: v47.2 (Updated: 07/09/2024) (2024)


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